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About Bonner & Partners

Bonner & Partners is a financial publishing company my father and I set up to help subscribers build permanent wealth.

To understand what we do at Bonner & Partners, you need to first understand why we do it. And some of the ideas that drove us to start a new business. In 2009, my father, Bill Bonner, and I began researching a world we barely knew existed – the world of family offices. These secretive organizations have been tasked with preserving and growing the wealth of some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful families for centuries…The Rothschilds… the Rockefellers… the Gettys… the Graces… the Whittiers – all had family offices working on their behalf… ensuring that family wealth lasted not only a lifetime, but for many generations.

We learned about their wealth preservation strategies… and we also found out that a number of the world’s wealthy elite are following in their footsteps – men like George Soros and Michael Dell. What we learned literally changed our lives. We decided to set up our own family office and share what we learned with a small group of loyal subscribers.

That small group has been growing steadily… And we’ve discovered a lot more about how these families operate and what they do that allows them to hold onto their wealth for so long – through natural disasters, stock market crashes, wars and manias.

These strategies are now more important than ever…

That’s because conventional investing approaches (such as investing in dot-com stocks in the 1990s or flipping real estate in the 2000s) have led millions of Americans to lose decades worth of savings in a matter of months.

We believe stock markets have become high-stake casinos. And this is happening just as millions of Americans are once again pouring their savings into stocks and other financial assets. Less than 5% of Americans were investing in the stock market at the start of the 1950s. By 2000, one in every two Americans was an investor.

This is no surprise. The Dow hit a low of 770 in 1982. It rose above 10,000 in early 2000… and broke above 14,000 in 2007. All an entire generation of investors had to do to make money in the markets was buy and hold US stocks.

The problem is the stock market is not a one-way elevator to wealth. Secular bear markets follow secular bull markets. Credit bubbles burst. Economies go into reverse. Buy and hold is a great strategy unless markets crash just as you plan to retire.

We believe that markets are no safer now than they were before the 2008 meltdown. Too big to fail banks are now bigger… and remain over-leveraged. To fix a problem caused by a glut of cheap credit, the world’s major central banks have been flooding the system with more cheap credit. This has never ended well. But investors continue to ignore the perils and act as though nothing could go wrong.

But we also believe it is possible to prosper

In other words, it’s still entirely possible to accumulate… and hang on to… substantial wealth. You need to follow strategies that are proven to work and have stood the test of time. And you need to carefully manage your risk. But there are plenty of ways to make substantial wealth even in today’s rigged markets.

These strategies require some new thinking. And a new approach to money – how to make it and how to hold on to it. It also requires that we are honest about what we don’t know as well as what we know.

But I thoroughly believe that by using these strategies… and adopting a new way of thinking… you will be able to follow in the steps of the families Dad and I have studied and not only build substantial wealth, but also hang onto it for generations to come.

One more thing… This is not theoretical. As part of our research, I have met with and discussed these strategies with members of some of the world’s most successful families. Families that have been wealthy generation after generation who continue to be so today.

Will Bonner
Executive Publisher
Bonner & Partners